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The top 10 subjects on The Open Road

Microsoft. Lots of it.

It's by no means the most interesting thing that I write about, but Microsoft tops the list of topics read by Open Road readers. In fact, it accounts for four of the top 10 posts on this blog since its inception in July.

The only open-source vendors to crack the top 10 are OpenAds and MySQL. For an open-source blog, that's a wee bit depressing.

Here they are:

This is supposed to be about openness, and of my posts very few are on Microsoft, relatively speaking. Yet it seems to be what interests the biggest group of people.

So, should I start writing about Microsoft exclusively? Not a chance. I know that even if the hordes like Microsoft bait, the core that reads this blog probably has other things to think about. Like making a mint with open-source software. :-)