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The tomb raider returns in Lara Croft Go

A turn-based Tomb Raider game? Sounds crazy, but the Hitman Go formula totally works for this winning Lara Croft adventure.

Square Enix

Love Tomb Raider games? How about Hitman Go? Good news for fans of one, the other or both: Lara Croft Go has arrived for Android and iOS, and it's splendid.

At first blush you might mistake it for a port or remake of the original Tomb Raider. There's Lara in her signature blue tank-top and thigh holsters, making her way through jungles, caves and, of course, tombs.

But this isn't the run-and-gun action game you might be expecting. Instead, Lara Croft Go relies on the same turn-based mechanics as Hitman Go -- which, incidentally, recently made CNET's list of the best Android games. (It's also a longtime resident of the best iPad games list.)

In other words, Lara doesn't move through an open-world environment. Instead, she moves from square to square, not unlike in a board game. The goal of each level? Make the right moves, in the right order, to reach your destination.

To reveal much more would be to spoil the fun, but I will say Lara Croft Go consists of 40 increasingly challenging levels. And like its Hitman counterpart, it's perfectly suited to mobile devices. The graphics aren't super-detailed, but they're definitely pretty. The controls require nothing more than swipes and taps, so you're not fighting against awkward onscreen d-pads and buttons like in other Tomb Raider outings.

Indeed, at long last, we have a Lara Croft for the thinking man. Sure, our intrepid adventurer can still plummet to her demise or end up on the wrong end of a snake, but here you're not shooting your way out -- you're figuring it.

Lara Croft Go is available immediately for Android, iOS and Windows. All three versions are priced at $4.99 in the US, £3.99 in the UK and AU$6.49 in Australia.