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The toll road returns

Who goes there? Put money in the bowl.

Davis, Calif.--This is truly a creepy presentation, this one being delivered by Kamal Hassan, CEO of right now at the GoingGreen conference in Davis, California.

The company has come up with $130 boxes that, when placed in cars, lets the authorities turn public roads into toll roads.

"You could price every road in the state" with enough cars, he said. The cars also have to have GPS units.

Gee, thanks.

The company doesn't have signed contracts yet, but apparently toll roads are growing in popularity. Singapore has been putting in more toll roads since 1998, he said. Germany and the U.K. have ramped up activity. Dubai, the city-state of crazy drivers, recently put some more in. Many cities in the U.S. are studying it more.

"I can tell you five cities in Asia and three countries in Europe" that want to do more truck troll roads.

Right now, these cities collect tolls by erecting toll gates, which cost $1.3 million.

Toll roads will cut down on greenhouse gases by cutting down driving and put the burden on paying for the roads on the people who drive the most, according to Hassan.

But honestly, who looks forward to toll roads. On the upside, the box that the company puts in can also give drivers maps and other info.