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The three-headed portable computer

Acme has a "portable" PC with three screens.

Acme Portable Machines

We'll never forget the sight of U.K. Craver Rory Reid lugging one of Dell's 20-inch laptops around the London Underground, miraculously avoiding both theft and herniated discs. But there's a new game in town, and it comes in the form of a lunchbox.

That's how Acme Portable Machines describes its LPG370TS computer, because it needs to fold up into a box if it has any hope of being carried around. The reason: It doesn't have a 20-inch LCD, but it does have a 17-inch screen--three of them, actually. Powering this Hydra-headed beast are a a 2.4GHz Intel 2 Quad chip, 2GB of memory and dual Nvidia 8800GTX cards, according to Gizmodo.

There's no pricing details, which is fine because we doubt we'd be able to lift this "lunchbox" without doing bodily harm to ourselves anyway. For that reason, we hope Acme's work fares better than its namesake employed by Wile E. Coyote.