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The 'SunSpa': Light therapy for the bipolar pet

Another device simulates sunlight to create a "pet heaven."

Depression among household pets may be worse than originally believed.


We thought the issue was more isolated last month upon learning of the "Fauna Sauna"--its name doesn't exactly scream credibility--a device that uses radiant heat "to bring healing to your pet right in your home." But now it has competition in the "SunSpa," another product that claims to control mood swings by simulating sunlight "for a warm and soothing heaven for your pets," according to Luxurylaunches. We're not sure about that, but it does look considerably more comfy than its competitor.

To calm the savage beast's nerves (and your pet's as well), the 150-watt light keeps the bed at a toasty 80 to 85 degrees while promising to last 5,000 hours. The bed itself is covered with "Crypton Fabric" that is odor- and water-resistant, two qualities that would probably improve any pet's disposition with or without any lights at all.