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The Sun: From Page 3 to 3D for World Cup

Your super soar-away Sun is going 3D for the World Cup -- and yes, that includes a Page 3 stunner

The Sun's famous Page 3 is usually full of double-Ds, but for one day only the whole paper is going 3D.

The editorial and adverts of the 5 June issue will be printed in three dimensions, as well as Page 3. MediaWeek reports that advertisers will be charged a "significant premium" for colour 3D ads.

The newspaper will come with old-fashioned 3D glasses and a 3D World Cup fixtures wall chart. The World Cup starts a week later on 11 June, and 25 games will be filmed in 3D -- although we probably won't see England in any of them.

3D is all the rage in laptops, tellies and cameras, but The Sun's 3D looks ancient next to a recent issue of women's' weekly Grazia. The 23 March issue included an augmented reality Florence -- of 'and the Machine' fame -- wobbling about on your coffee table. Other mash-ups of print and technology include French mag Amusement's use of RFID, and a video ad in Entertainment Weekly.