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The strengthening case for a Motorola smartwatch

Rumors point to the development of a Moto smartwatch, but it may not show itself at next week's Moto X event.

Motorola already has one smartish watch under its belt, er... wrist in the MotoActv. Motorola

Google's Chromecast and new Nexus 7 tablet have been hogging so much attention the past 24 hours, it feels like something is missing. Ah yes, the Motorola rumor mill!

Never fear, there are more leaks and gossip to report in advance of the next Google hype-fest, set for August 1, when CNET will be on hand for the official Moto X reveal.

In particular, the case for a Motorola smartwatch companion often referred to as the "Moto xWatch" seems to have strengthened, but we may not see it at the Moto X event next week. According to Android blogger and Texan (Motorola has operations in Texas, where the Moto X is being assembled) Taylor Wimberly: "Unverified source tells me moto xWATCH has been shelved for now. No way it gets announced August 1st."

This would seem to track with a Motorola job posting (since removed) for an industrial design person to work on "wearable connected products," according to TechRadar.

It's also worth revisiting a little of the smartwatch history within Google, which has reportedly applied for a patent for such a device, and Motorola, the company that made the MotoActv fitness tracker, sporting Bluetooth, GPS, heart monitor and MP3 player -- essentially a smartwatch.

Lots of compelling tidbits there pointing toward a Moto xWatch reality, but that doesn't mean it will ever see the light of day. We shall see.