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The spoon that is a measuring cup

The Quirky Portion Measure & Mix Cooking Spoon measures dry ingredients as well as wet. Liquid ingredients are poured directly into the handle.

The ability to measure and stir means fewer dirty dishes.
The ability to measure and stir means less dirty dishes. Bed Bath & Beyond

Anybody who has ever made anything in the kitchen has at one time or another most likely used a measuring spoon as a tool to mix the recipe in question. This shortcut usually doesn't work all that well considering that the darn things are usually quite small.

However, in the ongoing effort to reduce the amount of dirty dishes, there will never be a shortage of attempts to try to use oddly shaped contrivances to mix batter. There may be no substitute for having the right tool for the job, but that doesn't have to mean the tool must be confined to only one task.

The Quirky Portion Measure & Mix Cooking Spoon is a clever kitchen gadget that combines a measuring cup with a spoon and is large enough to use as a stirrer as well. The silicone spoon is marked to denote measurements of a half-teaspoon, a teaspoon, and a tablespoon. Hiding right in plain sight is the clear plastic handle, which is hollow to allow liquid ingredients to be poured into it and measured. (Dry ingredients can be measured inside the handle of the spoon as well.) The handle may not hold more than a quarter of a cup at a time, but it sure beats trying to use a traditional measuring cup to mix up a batch of cookies.