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The spooky way to chill your drink

Illuminated pumpkin ice cubes are perfect for kids' parties.

Could use a little red... Sur La Table

No party is complete without ice cubes. To further that thought, no Halloween party is complete without pumpkins and spooky lights. Luckily, Halloween is the holiday with the best gadgets. Lawns are decorated with frightening images that scream at you when you walk by and costumes feature everything from glowing lights to voice-changing speakers. But it's the little things that make Halloween gadgets unique, and little details that make your get-together special.

The illuminated pumpkin ice cubes aren't necessarily very scary, but they certainly scream Halloween. Sold in a set of three, the battery-powered drink coolers are made of a durable food-safe acrylic. Just pop them in your freezer and pull them out at party time. Operation is easy with a simple on/off switch, and the option to provide solid illumination or a flickering strobe.

Kids are sure to love seeing these little jack-o'-lanterns floating in their drinks, but I can think of a few more grown-up drinks that would also benefit from this wacky Halloween accessory. In particular a strong flavored rum drink named the Zombie. Remember, when planning your Halloween party, a little forethought and some nifty glowing gadgets go a long way. An ample supply of red food coloring doesn't hurt, either.