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The South Beach Razr

Motorola releases new designs of its popular Razr

Motorola seems to have taken to heart Mae West's mantra of "too much of a good thing is wonderful." The once-staid, now-hip manufacturer announced today yet more versions of the Razr, otherwise known as the world's best-selling cell phone. Handsets in the Razr V3-Miami Ink collection (also called the Razr V3t) feature elaborate designs or "tattoos" on the exterior face of the phone. Created by designer Ami James of TLC's Miami Ink, the new Razrs will be available for T-Mobile on October 30.

The initial release will feature two versions of the V3t--a pearl-gray model with a dragon tattoo and a magenta handset with a cherry blossom design. Features are the same as on the original Razr, so don't expect anything more than a design-first product (which the Razr is anyway).

The designs are etched into the phone with lasers, so, like a real tattoo, they aren't easily removable. James said in Motorola's press release that "drawing the tattoo designs for Motorola was an opportunity to bring my art to people everywhere." Well, Ami, I think I'll just stick to watching TLC.

(Photo: Motorola)