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The sound of lawsuits

Yahoo and Internet service providers side with Verizon. Also, is the end at hand in the Kazaa copyright infringement case?

Yahoo and Internet service providers side with Verizon Communications in protecting the privacy of network subscribers and file swapping. Should ISPs fib on file swappers? Also, the end of the Kazaa copyright infringement case may be at hand.

Yahoo, ISPs enter Net privacy fray
The companies are siding with Verizon in its legal spat with the recording industry over revealing the identity of an alleged P2P pirate.
September 10, 2002

RIAA, file-swappers ask for trial's end
Both sides want to end the copyright infringement suit against Kazaa, Morpheus and Grokster quickly--they just disagree on who should win.
September 9, 2002

previous coverage
ISPs gird for copyright fights
Peer-to-peer pressure on copyright holders and telecom companies may reshape file-swapping.
September 9, 2002

Watchdogs rap RIAA's file-trade assault
A federal law that the recording industry is using to unmask a suspected Kazaa music-trader is unconstitutional, a coalition of nonprofit groups says.
August 30, 2002

Verizon's copyright campaign
Verizon Communications and other telecom giants are asking lobbyists to oppose the entertainment industry's demands for new copyright laws.
August 27, 2002