The slow death of desktop PCs

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Are desktop PCs headed for extinction? That notion might seem like a stretch, but they may be entering a new evolutionary phase as the line between desktops and laptops is increasingly blurred.


Since Dell debuted its 20-pound "luggable" computer last week, Acer and Samsung announced similar products of their own, all with screens around 19 or 20 inches. The whole concept of a heavy "laptop" might seem silly at first, but maybe that's not the point. Instead, we may be witnessing the end of the desktop computer as we know it.

Why, for example, must standard desktop PCs continue to be stationary fixtures in this day of flat-panel displays and wireless networking? Someday, technology historians may look back at these large laptops as the prototypes for modern desktops--the missing link in computer evolution.

Blog community response:

"The main problem with a desktop is that it is not furniture. One cannot really put one in the lounge or living room as they just do not fit in; most computers are still that unattractive off-grey colour and require wires, monitors, modems, mouses, (or is it mice?), scanners, microphones, speakers, webcams, internet-ready telephones, games joysticks, and the like if one is to use them optimally."
--Back to Front

"I hate CRTs: they're big, inefficient, and lose focus over time. The one on my desk is on its last leg. I don't think I'll be replacing it. Today's laptops have enough power that I wouldn't really be giving anything up. Why would I want or need a desktop?"
--Mark Turner

"The trend is being driven as much by technology as demand, fueled by 19- and 20-inch liquid crystal display monitors now starting to enter the market, upping the ante on the previous biggest models at 17 inches. But in a mobility-driven segment where smaller and lighter are generally considered better, the question of who might want to buy such big models remains to be seen."

"What do computers and fast food have in common?"
--Stephany's Un-Random Blog

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