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The Sims clothing line from Moschino will turn you into a real life avatar

This Halloween I'm dressing up as a sexy pixel!

A+++ would wear. 


Look, I can't explain fashion to you. If you didn't get Victor & Rolf's meme ball gowns, if you think Chanel's robot fashion show is tacky or you don't know what the hell a Yeezy is, then fashion might not be your thing. And that's OK. 

But you know what is your thing, loyal technology lover? The Sims. That video game was a 10-out-of-10 winner. Lording over your own simulated humans, building up their lives and then crushing them one by one as you deliberately set fire to the kitchen or take the only ladder out of their swimming pool.

Now you can literally wear your love of The Sims, thanks to a new capsule collection from Italian fashion house Moschino. Let's take a look.

Talk Simlish to me.


The line plays on the aesthetics Moschino is known for -- think gaudy '90s colours, quilted leather and big gold hardware and chains -- but all printed as a 2D fabric design. And, because this is The Sims we're talking about, everything is pixelated. 

I will be buying that shirt dress.


Maxis, the creators of The Sims, teamed up with Moschino lead designer Jeremy Scott to create the range, which is being billed as "ready to wear" (so hopefully you won't be looking at $10,000 for a dress). It's getting a launch at Scott's annual Palm Springs Desert Party because of course (CNET is still waiting on its invitation).

Models doing an excellent job of looking like vacuous simulations. 


One of the hoodies from the range will be available in game after the collection has launched, and the whole line will be available to buy on from April 14.