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The shirt that plays tunes

Shirts with pictures of speakers are yesterday's news; the Personal Soundtrack Shirt has a working speaker!

The Personal Soundtrack Shirt, from ThinkGeek ThinkGeek

It may not be breaking news, but ThinkGeek's nifty Personal Soundtrack Shirt might be the perfect gift for the audiophile in your life. The T-shirt features a working speaker, and when you push the appropriate button on the wired remote you get music or sound effects. If you don't like the built-in sounds, pop in your own SD memory card loaded with MP3 files. Or play sound from your portable audio player through the speaker on the front of the shirt. Simply connect the player to the "input" jack on the battery box of the shirt. Talk about putting on your geek!

Seems like ThinkGeek covered nearly all the bases with the Personal Soundtrack Shirt, but I'd like to see them add a Subwoofer Shirt, or offer wireless Stereo Shirts, sold in pairs!