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The Shadow knows hybrid tech and Rat Patrol styling

Grunts go green with General Dynamics Shadow RST-V hybrid recon ride.

Army Technology

From Basra to Kabul, no environmentally aware burkha babe is going to be able to resist this 4x4, turbo-charged, hybrid, diesel-electric recon hotrod.

Created by General Dynamics Land Systems (GDLS,) the Shadow RST-V (Reconnaissance, Surveillance and Targeting Vehicle) boasts stealth, survivability and low mileage. That's big, considering that about half the military's money--and a third of its manpower--is devoted to hauling stuff around, 70 percent of that stuff being fuel.

The aluminum-bodied RST-V seats four (seating by Oregon Aero), does 70 mph and has a 470-mile range. Bulletproof windows and armor are optional. Weaponry includes your standard machine gun and grenade launcher, topped off by the Javelin anti-tank missile mounted on the roof. Recommended are the radar/laser warning receivers, likewise the GPS.

The electric stealth mode not only makes for a quiet ride, it also reduces the heat signature, allowing you to elude the infrared.

Narrower than a jeep, the Shadow still has a Hummer's cargo capacity, thanks to a patented, folding suspension system. It also puts out 30kw of electric power; enough to fire up a decent base camp at Burning Man. Did we mention it's a hatchback?

In the works since 1997, the RST-V should be ready in time for Iran.