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The search is on

roundup Overture Services seeks and finds deals to expand its reach. Also: An IBM project could help improve corporate search.

roundup The name of the game in paid search these days seems to be Overture Services, which is seeking its fortune at AOL, Yahoo and elsewhere. Also: IBM's DB2 Information Integrator is designed to fetch corporate information from many data sources all at once.

The company broadens its deal to provide pay-for-placement search results for AOL Europe's Web sites, a move that intensifies the company's competition with rival Google.
February 5, 2003

The Web portal is testing a new layout for search results that packs more paid listings onto a page, a move that could increase its revenue and provide a big boost for partner Overture.
February 4, 2003

The company reaches an exclusive two-year agreement with to offer its commercial search results throughout the sports Web site.
February 4, 2003

Big Blue will take the wraps off a data integration product based on its research project for consolidating data from multiple sources.
February 4, 2003

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