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The Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus is a steal at $380

This big phone hit the market at $850. Good on you for waiting! Plus: A $40 PC game for free!


Cheap things come to those who wait. You know that Galaxy S9 Plus you've been lusting after, for example? It's around $840 right now, but give it a year or so and you might be able to score one for half that.

Here's proof: For a limited time, and while supplies last, Woot has the certified-refurbished factory-unlocked Galaxy S8 Plus for $380. When it arrived in mid-2017, it sold for $850.

Yep, it's a refurb with only a 90-day warranty, so it's a little disingenuous to compare it to a new one. Woot also doesn't specify who did the "certifying" in this case. Still, an $850 flagship phone for $380, and it's not a scratch-and-dent C-grade question-mark? I'm listening.

I'm an iPhone guy myself -- yes, I know, hardly a phone for a cheapskate, but it's just what I prefer, you know? So I can't really comment on what it's like to use the S8 Plus. But Jessica Dolcourt can, and does, in her S8 Plus review.

I will say I don't think the awkward location of the fingerprint reader is that big a deal, because you can adapt to just about anything. The last time I bought a new laptop, the delete key was in the "wrong" place, relative to what I was used to -- but after a couple days I got used to it. I feel like the fingerprint reader would be the same... but that's purely speculative. 

Anyway, this is a big phone with a 6.2-inch screen and it's unlocked to work with pretty much any carrier. That's what I love about buying a phone outright instead of leasing it and getting locked into a contract: I can take it to the carrier offering the best deal for my needs and I can switch anytime.

At this writing, Woot has the S8 Plus in all three of the color options: Arctic Silver, Midnight Black and Orchid Gray. 

Your thoughts?

Bonus deal: Game time! To celebrate its 10-year anniversary, GOG is giving away copies of Shadow Warrior 2 (PC). Same game at Steam: $40.

Correction: GOG is trying to give away copies. Perhaps unsurprisingly, this promotion is melting the internet (or at least melting GOG's servers) as I haven't had much luck getting past the home page. My slow in-flight Wi-Fi may be contributing to that, though.

My advice: Keep trying. Shadow Warrior 2 is a gory, offensive and funny first-person hack-and-slasher. It's not for everyone, but awesome if you like that kind of thing.

Bonus deal No. 2: Custom publishing is kind of awesome. You can archive vacation photos in a lovely hardcover, self-publish your own cookbook, even produce the magazine you've always dreamed of. Blurb is one company that makes such things possible, and for a limited time, you can save 30 percent on any Blurb order and bag free shipping.

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