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'It just all comes out': The Republican convention gets 'glogged'

CNET's Eric Mack runs into twin artists documenting the Republican National Convention in a most unusual way on the streets of Cleveland.

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Cartoonist and illustrator Tim Fielder and his twin brother, video artist Jim, made the trip from New York to Cleveland to "glog" the Republican National Convention.

You know all about about blogging, and vlogging is blogging with video, so "glogging" is blogging with graphics, according to the brothers Fielder. The pair has been roaming the streets of Cleveland this week, talking to people of all political stripes. Tim draws comic-style digital portraits of people they meet using a large, ruggedized tablet, while Jim films the process.

"When you're doing an illustration of someone, because everybody wants to see themselves, it makes them disarm, they relax and it just all comes out, you hardly have to even ask a question," Jim says. "It just all comes out...politics, everything."

Check out some of the folks who have been glogged at the Fielders' glog, The Dieselfunk, and in our video above.