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The Real Deal 191: Best tech of the decade (podcast)

Tom and Rafe review what they feel were the biggest and best tech products and advancements of the decade.

Tom and Rafe review what they feel were the biggest and best tech products and advancements of the decade.

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Episode 191

Best of 2009

TM iPod – revolutionized how we listen to music.
RN iPhone – for the store
RN Kindle – again, for the economic disruption

TM PlayStation 2 – Reigned throughout the decade as the best multipurpose console.
RN Wii – who knew a cheap console could be so much fun? Plus, death to the dpad!

TM ThinkPad – Set the standard for sturdy reliable laptops
RN Macbook – setting the standard for design

TM Handspring Visor – Spurred innovation in the PDA market that led to Treo which led to iPhone

TM Logitech Harmony remote – Changed my coffee table into something usable again.

RN Prius, Tesla

RN Flatscreen TVs – relighting the TV industry

RN The $49 Wi-Fi router (you can get one for $20 now)

RN The DVR (Replay TV, TiVo)

TM: Google -For everything they do, primarily search and AdSense, in my opinion. The top search engine in 1999 was Yahoo followed closely by Alta Vista. 10 years later Google is arguably the dominant tech company. RN: Google: Docs, Maps
TM: Win XP – The only edition of Windows to reign over an entire decade. RN: OS X, Leopard, Snow Leopard.
RN: Friendster, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter – Social network decade
RN: WordPress
RN: Firefox
RN: World of Warcraft
TM: BitTorrent - BitTorrent was a protocol (different than Napster which was software) developed to make large downloads more efficient. It also happened to make them hard to track because no central server was used. And it was perfect for pirating video. It is much maligned by both Hollywood and ISPs, and is probably the most disruptive technology of the decade.
TM: Wikipedia - For all our skepticism about its accuracy, Wikipedia has changed how we consume information. When you want to find information on any topic, you turn to a search engine, but the likely top result you click on is Wikipedia. All the more impressive for being built for free by volunteers.
TM: YouTube - Online video became easy, and the desire for watching video was proven by YouTube. It spurred the major networks to create Hulu in response, as well as making every network put some video online in self-defense. And despite the criticism, kitten videos still create quite a bit of traffic.

The 10s will be the decade of…



I have a question about Google’s Android operating system and their strategy. I’m a little (that’s a bit of an understatement) confused about what in the world Google is doing with it. Why is it that whenever I want to go buy a phone with Android, they all have different versions? The Droid is running 2.0…The Droid Eris runs 1.5…The MyTouch 3G I believe is running 1.6… What is up with all these different versions on different phones??? Why don’t they release the updated versions for all phones running Android? Wouldn’t you want your customers to have all the new features and abilities you’re putting out?

– Confused Claymation

Answer: Rafe? different specs needed as theos improves, plus carriers don’t want to brick phones

Hey Tom and Rafe!

Thanks for the help! I ran ccleaner and msconfig and also fragmented my drive, it’s a 160gb drive and had 41 gigs of free space, after the defrag and ccleaner I have 53.5 gig’s of free space but some programs (iTunes in particular) still freeze and crash, I’ve tried reinstalling iTunes but it still bogs everything down. Apple needs to make an iTunes lite or something because I only need music management (I’ve got a Nano not a touch or iPhone) and don’t need all the extra fixin’s that iTunes has in it. One last thing, should I upgrade my RAM? I’ve currently got 2 gigs of RAM but was thinking about upgrading to three gigs, would this give any significant benefit?

Thanks for all your help! Love the show and have a great Christmas and New Year!

-Jack in TN

Answer: Yes upgrade RAM. Always upgrade RAM if you can afford it. As for iTunes light, you *could* go to and get an older lighter version of itunes.


Hey Real Deal,
I just wanted to thank you for your advice the other week I called. I just dumped my HughesNet Satellite for my local WISP ( Latency is great, download speed in primetime is faster than HughesNet at 3 a.m. My upload speed is faster than my businesses’s AT&T’s DSL service. I can now stream CNET live, I can make calls through VOIP, and even stream through Hulu. It has saved me hours of frustration and made the internet enjoyable.

Thanks a lot for your advice,
John in Oklahoma



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