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The Real Deal 190: Online TV and movies (podcast)

J. Sperling Reich from Showbiz Sandbox joins us to explain why the TV and movies online are restricted the way they are.

J. Sperling Reich from Showbiz Sandbox joins us to explain why the TV and movies online are restricted the way they are.

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Episode 190

Joining us today is J. Sperling Reich. He’s an expert in both traditional and digital cinema technology. As an entertainment industry consultant he works with some of the industries leading motion picture exhibitors, content creators, and equipment manufacturers. He is the co-host of Showbiz Sandbox, a weekly entertainment news podcast, which can be found on iTunes, and blogs about the industry at Celluloid Junkie. Sperling can be found on Twitter by looking up @sperling.

Why does Hulu remove TV shows after a few weeks? Why not leave all shows up?

What’s the reason Netflix will have a movie for awhile then it disappears. Why can’t Netflix get all the movies?

Can streaming services continue to be cheap/free?


Dear Tom,

For Christmas, my wife wants a CD set that’s out of stock everywhere. But I could download it on iTunes or Amazon, and then press the tracks to CDs and give her the set that way. Is that still a good gift? P.S. It’d also save a lot of money.

Love the show,

Efar from TEN-C

Answer: Well E…far…. depends on what your wife is like… but if it were mine, I’d only get her the burned CDs as a temporary holdover.


Hey Tom and Rafe!

I have a Compaq laptop from Late 2007 running window vista home premium and up until recently it’s been running fine , but lately it’s been running really slowly (programs will not respond.) is their any software I can use to clean up my computer besides the built-in windows software which dosen’t seem to help?

Thanks for the help!

Love the show!

-Jack in TN

Answer: Try uninstalling any programs you don’t use. Then go to MSCONFIG and stop any programs from running at start-up if you don’t need them. Next run CCleaner to clean up gunk, and finally defrag.

Rafe: Hard disks can get really slow when they get to 10 to 15 percent free space. But chances are it’s Registry bloat.

Also, process explorer to see what’s running



Hi Tom, Rafe

Hard drives just ain’t what they used to be. When Seagate reduced their standard warranty from 5 years to 3, I thought “brace yourself, quality is about to take a nose-dive”; and sadly, I was right.

I think the best defense is to use a pair of RAID-1 drives as a standard system-drive on desktop machines (It’s too bad that laptops generally don’t support more than one physical drive). It may sound extravagant, but think about it this way:

* Practically all new PC motherboards (is this true of Mac’s as well?) have built-in disk controllers that support RAID-1.
* Drives are cheap nowadays. Why buy one when you can have two identical drives for twice the price? ;-)

* Bare-metal backups are seldom as up-to-date as you’d like, and restoring the OS from a backup is a major disruption and hassle.

I’d rather pay an extra 80 bucks for peace of mind, and know that a drive failure won’t be a killer event in my life. Since I started putting RAID-1 system drives in machines I’ve had two drive failures. They were non-events, and the failed drives were still in warranty, so the additional cost was just one-way shipping, and practically no time was lost.

Hopefully all this goes away when SSD finally replaces the mechanical hard drive in a few years (but the price of SSD’s better come down).

Great show, keep up the good work

Rob from Sedona (SlowDona in the chatroom)
Hey fellas-

Thought I’d throw out my 2 cents on the PC vs. Mac deal. Speaking as an artist with traditional and digital skills, Macs offer truer colors on screen and the user interface is often more intuitive for visual types.
Just so you know my old school SCAD, uses half and half Mac vs. PC for classes. It’s all processor power vs. cost. Luckily companies like the folks at Blue Sky studios (Ice Age) work hard on improving the PC production side.


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