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The Real Deal 158: To-do lists

What do you use to track your to do lists? We give you some of our and our listener's favorites.

What do you use to track your to-do lists? We give you some of our and our listener's favorites.

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zombie tasks?

not structured enough for TDM

Remember The Milk
not fast enough
but has great web integr.
quick access via OS X widgets - inculding add via Twitter

Mac only, no Web


I ended up choosing The Hit List instead of Things. THL is a bit more flexible for handling the way I work with tasks.

–BrandonS / boyadamsam


I like and am looking at Swift as well which also has an online version

–Mark Krynsky / krynsky


I used to be a die hard remember the milk fan, but when gmail introduced tasks, I switched over.

I believe there is a corresponding iPhone app (, but I haven't used it.



I'm using KeyTasks that works with iPhone and Outlook tasks so I can port over my work task list to my iphone. It's paid iphone app


Sr Product Manager
CBS Interactive -- Tech and News

Gmail tasks



It's not officially a to do manager, but I use it as one. LOVE this...

It's another "sticky app" but completely customizable and very flexible. Really easy to use and has a very low resources profile.


Don't forget to mention the classic todo.txt J

Andrew J. Nusca
CBS Interactive -- Business ———————————————–

Things (Rodney H)


Hi guys,

I subscribe to the GTD method so category support is important. I use
Outlook tasks (on Exchange server) and the iMexchange iPhone app to
keep tasks with me wherever I am - on or offline.

Other than no reminder and recurring task support on the Ipod this is
a pretty good solution for me.

Thx. Chris from Canada

Hi Tom and Rafe,

I’m a big task list guy and have tried many different solutions over the years… everything from simple PDA apps and spreadsheets to full blown MS-Project schedules.

For every day simple task lists, I’ve come to like the Tasks feature built right in to Outlook. I use Outlook’s “Categories” and the view filters to manage how they look and sort, and I like Outook’s ability to sync tasks with various portable devices.

For my business tasks, I use my Office Outlook and my associated BlackBerry. For my personal tasks I sync my Personal Outlook on my home PC to my Windows Mobile phone which has a pretty decent pocket version of Outlook Tasks built in.

For those who like paper, check out which lets you print out an 8 1/2 x 11″ page customized so that you can cut and fold it into a nifty little pocket notebook.



Hey guys,
I've tried many different to do list options, but only two of them have "stuck" for the long haul with me. The first is pocket mod, which I use for short term to dos:

I carry my pocket mod at all times, and I'm constantly revising it. When it gets filled with too many crossed out items, I just make a new one.

The second one I use (mostly for more long term to-do lists) is

Keep up the great work guys!
MC Fisticuffs.

Hey Tom and Rafe,

I love the Real Deal as well as Buzz Out Loud, you guys do a great job
and I always enjoy your arguments! I just wanted to send you guys a
to-do list application recommendation. I am currently working on
SimpleTask, an iPhone app that will also have a desktop counterpart
and syncing between the two. You can find it here:
. It promises to be a very cool app and is very close to launch, so
keep an eye on it! Thanks!

Josh Holat


Re this coming week:
* For me: kinda lame, but I just use Outlook's Calendar / ToDo / Notes (yes, all three) synched with my WinMo Smartphone.

o I use calendar if I want a pop-up reminder (like hair-cut, post office, call so-and-so) (also, if it's REALLY important, I set my phone's alarm clock with the ToDo item as the subject)

o I use notes for just reminders cuz I can scribble with my stylus (i.e.: I have a music to download file so I remember when I get home what the name of the band/song was)

o I use ToDo for long-term/back-pocket things (i.e.: migrate blog, finish book, re-paint bathroom)

* It's really not glamorous, but it works solid for me; HOWEVER, as much as I love tech, I do still physically write things down on my hand, a sticky note or my scrubs; there just isn't a replacement for that for me.

* Finally, what do ppl think of Don't Forget the Milk? Or timed-tweets?

-Dr. Karl J

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how freakin cool is this?! (additional cool side-note. It’s being
developed at RPI, which is right ’round here in Albany!)

chek it out!

-dr. karl :)


I have been thinking about getting a Mac (maybe even a MacBook Pro),
and I might eventually. But one of the only real problems for me is
how I would run Windows software on it, especially games. I could dual
boot, but switching between two operating system to use programs is a
real pain.

Both Paralles and VM ware Fusion seem to be making progress with this,
and they now seem to be able to get some sort of direct access to the
video card, but which one works better? Or are there other
virtualizers that work even better?



Rafe - I know you're a Chrome fan, and I'm enjoying it to - but there's no "Google Toolbar" functionality, so I'm missing the auto form-fill for name, address and credit card info. The Google toolbar download sites reads as follows when you enter it using Chrome:
"We’re sorry, but Google Toolbar 5 is only available for Internet Explorer and Firefox ."
Have you heard of any plans for Chrome to support google toolbar?.
-Tom Walker
Littleton, CO

Hi Rafe
I read your article about the three Twitter start-ups. I decided to use Twazzup. I liked it quiet a bit. Thank you for pointing out these options. I wrote Twitter Search previously about adding automatic updates (I didn’t care for the refresh button). Now I have Twazzup which I like even better.

I just wanted to say thank you for writing such a good article and introducing me to a fine alternative to Twitter Search.


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