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The Real Deal 152: Intermediate Twitter

Rafe and Tom tell Twitter users how to get the most out of their Twitter accounts. Don't know what RT, OH or even @ means? You need to listen to this episode of The Real Deal.

Rafe and Tom tell Twitter users how to get the most out of their Twitter accounts. Don't know what RT, OH, or even @ means? You need to listen to this episode of The Real Deal.

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Twitter 101: Get started with Twitter -

Intermediate Twittering


Apps AIR - Rafe's picks = Twhirl, Tweetdeck iphone - Tweetie, Twitterfon Android (per Shank): Twitdroid

Conventions: D @ RT OH #

RT space tip

Short URLs


Feeding Twitter to Facebook, Friendfeed

Embedding Twitter feed in a blog page:

Should you lock?

Should you turn off notifications?

How to have multiple Twitter accounts?

Comments about Twitter

Hi tom/rafe!

First, core77 had a post today relevant to the next epi:

Second, I pose to you two a question: A couple of colleagues and I have been discussing the utilization of twitter as an interactive vehicle for live feedback and Q/A during pathology conferences. They had suggested @-ing (or hash-tagging for that matter) a specific account (or hash tag) that would be monitored real-time by live (second) person during presentations. I was wondering if you guys had suggestions of a better way to do this. Is there a question/answer API app out there maybe? (Something like RogueTess?’s awesome classroom Q/A module thingie) Could you create a live stream alongside a powerpoint presentation perhaps?

Third, How funny is it that twitter is seemingly EVERYWHERE this month! CNN, Foxy Friends, Daily Show, Colbert, Congressmen during the president’s speech! Why all of a sudden? Lol.

This is DEFINITELY the best summary:

Thanks! -dr. karl J

PS: what do you do when Sylvester the cat attacks you? Re-tweet! <rimshot!>


Hello real deal,

My question is on low level formating of SATA hard drive on a computer for sale. Darik Boot & Nuke only work on IDE or SCSI drive. Any programs from free to pay would help.

sincerely, sherman from oakland, ca.

A:The latest version of DBAN supports SATA drives. However, if you're still having difficulty, try And then run DBAN after it.


Hey Tom,

I was listening to the RealDeal 150: Road Test episode and you were talking about your Macbook Pro not sleeping. I was having this same problem with my unibody Macbook and finally fixed it. Not sure if this is your problem — but because you are an iPhone user, it might be.

At some point after the OS X 5.6 upgrade, I needed to re-jailbreak my iphone (maybe after 2.21 firmware update) and had to download the 5.5 USB drivers to make the Mac work with the iphone in DFU mode.

I thought everything was fine — but finally figured out that my Mac was not going to sleep because of the old USB drivers. So I went back to the Mac Dev site and downloaded the 5.6 USB drivers, installed them — and it starting sleeping properly after that. I have not had a problem since then — and I leave internet apps open, and even Parallels sometimes.

Keep up the good work on RealDeal and your other podcasts.

Hope this helps, Jamie Odell (the guy who wrote into BOL about Kindle text-2-speech not being such a big deal)

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