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The Real Deal 149: Self-publishing

We welcome self-published author David Carnoy to talk about publishing a book yourself using print-on-demand as well as e-publishing.

We welcome self-published author David Carnoy to talk about publishing a book yourself using print on demand as well as e-publishing.

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Knife Music by David Carnoy

Boiling Point by Tom Merritt

Rafe's Pro PR Tips (coming soon as a book?)

Comment on shortcuts show


There is an Alt/Tab alternative on a Mac (sort of).

I switched from a PC to a Mac about a year ago and (like yourself) had a lot of trouble with the keyboard shortcuts, especially Alt/Tab. But I discovered that Apple/Tab does almost the same thing. The problem is it allows you to toggle through the programs that are running but not all the open windows. So you can switch from Firefox to Word but you can't switch between multiple documents within Word or multiple windows within Firefox. This is an error I make to this day (in fact, I made it two minutes ago flipping among spreadsheets in Excel).

Patrick (The Unknown Penguin) in Hollywood

Comments on Mac/PC

Hey Guys-

I heard Rafe on Buzz the other day, wishing for an automatic updater. I thought I'd let you know that VersionTracker Pro (uh, owned by CNet) is that. It is a paid service, that is supposed to update your software for you. I heard that recently the service has been sketchy (since CNet), but I don't have it so that's unconfirmed.

I thought this might be an interesting topic, i.e, 'Helpful programs that run in the background and make computing easier but aren't flashy'. I recently discovered Growl, which adds services to lots of other little Mac programs- adding notes and notifications.

Sheala, GA



I heard that you guys were having problems remembering keyboard shortcuts for the Mac.

I use KeyCue? 4.3. All you do is hold the control key and it'll tell you all the shortcuts you can perform depending on the current program you are in.

Hawaiian Insomniac

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