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The Real Deal 147: Shortcuts

Tom and Rafe discuss some of their favorite software and keyboard shortcuts and share some from the listeners as well.

Tom and Rafe discuss some of their favorite software and keyboard shortcuts and share some from the listeners, as well.

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Why shortcuts?

Rafe says, "Speed, speed, speed. Lower RSI. Muscle memory."
Downside: Hard to move to new OS or keyboard.

Keyboard of choice: full-size desktop keyboard. I use the arrows and keys on the number pad. Have gotten used to Thinkpad keyboard. Hate the Mac laptop keyboard--not enough keys.

Of course, you can learn anything. But unlearning, she is tricky.

**Windows shortcuts**

Classics: Home, End, PageUp, PageDown (CooperWBC)

Classics: Ctrl-Z, Ctrl Y, Ctrl-C, Ctrl V Ctrl X, Ctrl A

CTRL-H: Find and replace tool (ANkh)

CTRL-P: Print (ANkh)

CTRL-S: Save (ANkh)

CTRL+SHIFT+ESC: Open Task Manager (Chad + 6)

CTRL-Arrow: Moving to a certain word (ebrayton)

CTRL-Shift-Arrow: Select words (ebrayton)

CTRL-scroll wheel: Zoom in and out (ebrayton)

F2: Rename object/file/folder (Chad +1)

Windows+D: Minimizes all open windows and displays the desktop (Chad + 1)

Windows+L: Locks the workstation (Tyler+2)

Windows+M: Minimizes all windows (Tyler + 1)

Windows+R: Pulls up Run command box (Josh M + 2)

Win+(num. 1-5): Opens up the app. In that position in your Quick Launch bar in Vista and Windows 7 (Datheron)

Win+pause/break: Shows the system information. (Tyler+1)

Windows+Tab - Switch between taskbar buttons (CooperWBC)

Win, U, U: Shut down a Windows XP system (Datheron)

ALT+F2: Open context menu (right-click menu) (Datheron)

ALT+F4: Quit program (Chad+1)

ALT+D: Select Address Bar (Chad)

ALT+SPACE: Displays the main window's System menu. (From the System menu, you can restore, move, resize, minimize, maximize, or close the window)(Chad)

ALT-PrtScrn: Screen shot of active window (Jack)

ALT-Tab: Change through open Windows (ebrayton)

SHIFT- ight click: Traditional options in Vista like Copy as Path, Open as Read Only, Add to Quick Launch and Pin to Start Menu. (CooperWBC)

SHIFT while pressing no in dialog box changes to 'no to all'

ALT-esc: switches windows

- (Josh M)

- (Chad)

Side mouse buttons - back, switch apps, whatever.

Trackpad on most laptops
1. configure to tap on the pad, avoid the buttons
2. use the right-hand border to scroll
(need to configure these in settings)

Triple-click to select line or paragraph

The presenter's shortcut: F5 in Powerpoint (rafe)


Space: for pagedown (b-mon)

Shift-Space (Page up)

Open folder in tabs: store favorite bookmarks in folder (Taher)

F6:Jump to address bar (b-mon)

F5: Reload page

Ctrl F5: Reload a web page without using cache

CtrlCmd+F: Find

F3 or CtrlCmd+G: Find Again (after using Ctrl+F for Find) (Chad)

CtrlCmd+K: Web Search (Chad +1)

CtrlCmd+Enter: Complete .com Address (Chad)

CtrlCmd+L: Select Location Bar (Chad + 1)

CtrlCmd+T: Open new tab (HammerAuer? =1)

CtrlCmd+W: Close Tab (Chad+1)

Ctrl + Pageup/down [Cmd+Opt+Left/right arrow] - Move left/right in tabs (Datheron)

CtrlCmdAltOpt+(1 to 8): Select Tab (1 to 8) (Chad)

Ctrl+Tab: Select next tab (HamerAuer)

SHIFT+(control+tab) [SHIFT+Ctrl+tab] - Go to a previous tab in Firefox (Datheron)

SHIFT+(Ctrl+T) [SHIFT + Cmd+tab] - Undo close tab (Datheron) (Chad)

Alt-arrows: forward and back (rafe)

**OS X Shortcuts**

Command-Esc: Call up front row (fabiofiss)

Command-N: New window (fabiofiss)

Command-Q: Quit the active program

Command-W: close window, great in browser (Rafe)

Command-K: Google bar in Firefox

Command-L: URL bar in Firefox

Command-Space: Spotlight search

Command-F5: Turn voiceover on

Command-Shift-3: Screen shot (Sheala + 1) (Rafe recommend Skitch instead)

Command-Shift-4: Cursor to clip screen. Hold down option/shift or space to reposition (Sheala + 2)

Command-Tab: Like alt-tab in Windows, switches through programs (AmandaFrench)

Command-Arrows: Again like CTRL arrow in Windows (AmandaFrench)

Fn-backspace: delete instead of backspace (fabiofiss)

Ctrl-Arrows: move between spaces (fabiofiss)

Ctrl+A/E: Move to the beginning/end of line, when Cmd + Arrow keys are overridden by something else (e.g., Firefox uses Cmd+arrows to go back/forward a webpage)(Datheron)

SHIFT+(alt+tab) [SHIFT+Cmd+tab]: Go back an app (Datheron)

All of them: (rafe)

Mouse corners for Expose, Spaces, etc.


xkill - You'll get the instruction to position the cursor over the window you want closed, and click any button. The running application is instantly “killed.” Why is this my favorite? Because if you're running KDE, your cursor becomes a miniature Skull-and-Crossbones! (jim)

Ctrl+Alt+Backspace will terminate the X server (Jack)

Ctrl-D: Sends EOF, very useful for exiting programs and shells (aveekbh)

Ctrl-L: Clears the shell. (Incidentally, these should work in a Mac as well.) (aveekbh)


No time! But look for Amanda French's excellent macro tricks on the comments at Real Deal blog!


A comment on Media Management: I'm surprised you didn't mention Dropbox <> last week. Merlin Mann calls Dropbox <> "MobileMe that works."

Thanks, Andrew

COMMENT ON SHOW Hey Tom and Rafe, I wanted to alert the Real Deal community that the real deal wiki is back and newly improved. It was created earlier last year but there it never took off. I have been working on it to make it more appealing to the Real Deal Community. If you are familiar with the Buzz Town Wiki, using the real deal wiki will be just the same.

If any body has any questions or has an idea about how to make the wiki more user friendly, please contact me through my gmail account <>;


Next Episode: Was going to be Self-publishing, but our guest, CNET's David Carnoy is unavailable. New topic coming soon. Self-publishing will now be on Tuesday 2/17.