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The Real Deal 139: Favorite Tech of 2008

Tom and Rafe name their favorite technology of 2008 and pass along some faves of the listeners as well.

Tom and Rafe name their favorite technology of 2008 and pass along some faves of the listeners as well.

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Rafe's top Web application
  • Evernote
  • GoodGuide
  • Swype
  • OtherInBox
  • CIL
  • uStream
  • Twhirl
  • Google Maps
  • Chrome


Digsby &  Since Trillian is dead to me
Tivo HD

NOT on my list WHS Vista Tivo's UI

Tom's things

  • Apple TV with Boxee
  • Adium
  • Mac OS X
  • Warcraft
  • iPhone apps (3G... jury's out)
  • Open Office 3.0
  • Panasonic Viera 50-inch Plasma
  • Kensington Bluetooth Mouse



I enjoyed the "getting the most value from your tech dollar" episode. It was interesting that you discussed owner manuals and user guides are sometimes available only on the product CD or online. On that subject, one thing people can do when researching products is to actually check out the documentation online, before making the purchase. They may discover a thing or two that the product does NOT do, and sometimes it could be a deal breaker. For example, I've seen some lesser-known brands of NAS devices where NTFS is not supported or is read-only.

Love the show.

AJ in Alameda, Calif.

In episode 138: Getting the most value from your tech dollar. Rafe gave a lot of helpful & useful tips. Something that I find useful is to buy now, knowing that I will & can upgrade the system later. For example I bought a Dell Inspiron 1525 this past May, running Vista Home Premium. Vista runs great with 2GB of ram & a 160GB hard drive now but I can upgrade to 4GB’s of RAM & 500GB hard drive later, getting better hardware at a lot less than Dell was asking even just seven months later. Plus I can always use the old laptop hard drive in the PS3 (when I do buy one). There is no reason to over pay for hardware you can go without for awhile. And another thing, we shouldn’t be afraid to run our laptops without the battery when we’re at home or in work. It will extend the life of the battery and the laptop. Great show as always. Damion from Bklyn.

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Next episode - CES 2009 from Las Vegas January 10. Happy holidays and Happy New Year everybody!