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The Razr revenge

Motorola rolls out yet more versions of its Razr cell phone

Dear Motorola,

Congratulations on the phenomenal success of your Razr cell phone. It showed a true spirit of innovation and it sparked a cell phone design revolution that ushered in the thin handset craze. You certainly made the world sit up and notice your company once again. I just have one small request, however. Stop it already! After two years we're up to our ears in Razrs and we need something else. Please?

All right, I didn't write such a letter but I stand by my belief that Motorola has milked its record-breaking thin phone for far too long. But to my dismay today the company formally announced more Razr models. On the purely cosmetic front, T-Mobile is selling the Razr V3-Miami Ink (or V3t) collection. As we reported two weeks ago the handsets feature designer prints (or tattoos) on their front face. Both the magenta Razr V3 Cherry Blossom and the pearl gray Razr V3 Dragon are available for $89 with service. The feature set is unchanged from the T-Mobile's original magenta and pearl gray Razrs so a new coat is the only change you'll see.

Moto also confirmed what we told you last month that Sprint will be getting a new Razr of its very own. Up until a couple weeks ago when Sprint started offering a Razr V3m in red the carrier had spurned the Razr in favor of comepeting (and in our opinion better) slim models from Samsung. But after analysts said Sprint's Razr-phobia was bad business it seems the carrier finally has jumped on the Moto bandwagon with the Razr V3m in gray. The feature set looks unchanged from Verizon's V3m but Sprint says its EV-DO programming will set the phone apart.

(Photos: Motorola, CNET Networks)