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The Razr is number one

The Razr is number one

Razr haters, eat your heart out. According to the research firm NPD Group, the Motorola Razr V3 was the top-selling cell phone of the last quarter (July to September) in the United States. Moto also claimed the third and second most-popular mobiles of the period with the Motorola V551 and V180, respectively. In all, Motorola sold 9.5 million units, which gave it a staggering 30 percent market share. Following far behind were LG, Nokia, and Samsung. The companies tied with a market share of 16 percent. Nokia produced the fourth top-selling handsets with the Nokia 6010, and LG put out the last of the top five, the LG VX6100. Sanyo had a market of 5 percent, Kyocera and Sony Ericsson racked up a 4 percent share each, UTStarcom/Audiovox made 3 percent of the cell phones sold, and Siemens/BenQ took a tiny 2 percent. Overall, 31.6 million cell phones were sold in the United States in the third quarter, up 30 percent from the same period last year.