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Raspberry Pi Zero W brings Wi-Fi, Bluetooth to tiny, cheap PC

This tiny computer helps your programming project make connections and costs next to nothing.

Raspberry Pi Foundation

Raspberry Pi's latest brings connectivity to its super-cheap computer.

The Raspberry Pi Zero W expands on the Raspberry Pi Zero, a computer in its very simplest form. The original Zero cost just $5 (£4 or about AU$6.50) and had all the basics you'd need to build your own arcade cabinet, drone or smart home device. The $10 (£9.60 or about AU$13) Zero W adds Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, specifically 802.11n wireless LAN and Bluetooth 4.0.

You could have added those items on your own to the single circuit board of the original Zero. But as the Raspberry Pi Foundation notes in its Zero W announcement, doing so might have cost a couple times as much as the board itself.

So what can you do with Zero W? Well, for programmers, the possibilities are extensive. Here's a list of fun things to do with the original Raspberry Pi. And here's a closer look at the performance and hardware specs of the new Zero W from CNET sister site Tech Republic.

If you're looking to start a project yourself, Zero W is available starting Tuesday.