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The Rail Reach can handle it

This portable handrail grabber for public transportation that's now making a run on Kickstarter is either totally ridiculous or fairly clever.

Rail Reach
This portable public transportation handle may have mixed appeal. Justin Choy

In a perfect world, everyone would have a seat on public transportation, but sometimes you're packed in like sardines on a bus or crammed in sideways into a mass of humanity on a subway. In those instances, you usually end up hanging onto a handrail.

Justin Choy has dealt with too many similar situations, so he invented the Rail Reach and launched it as a Kickstarter project that some people will find practical and others will find amusing. It's a foldable device that attaches to a handrail to keep your hands off the surface and make riding a crowded bus more comfortable.

I'm fairly short, so I can see the appeal of having a device that extends my reach and prevents by shoulder socket from screaming while I'm hanging on for dear life as the bus rounds a corner. Usually, I just worm my way to a side rail to deal with this.

The Rail Reach is also positioned as a product for germaphobes, but misses the mark a bit in this department. The same part that hangs onto the handrail folds down and clips over the handle, offering a prime opportunity to transfer those germs that some people are so concerned about.

A small non-folding version comes at the $10 pledge level, while the standard folding version goes for a $15 pledge. What do you think about the Rail Reach? Is it an oddball Kickstarter project lacking wide appeal, or a simple solution to an annoying public transit problem?

Rail Reach
The Rail Reach in action. Justin Choy