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The PS3 tour of Manhattan

A look at the lines outside three big retailers.

Someone's dedicated
Caroline McCarthy

Are the gods smiling upon New York City's gamers today? Sure, it's a little windy, but last night's rainy mist is a distant memory and the thermometers are hitting the 70-degree Fahrenheit mark. The hordes of eager fans who've lined up for a chance at obtaining the PlayStation 3 console at midnight on opening day couldn't really have asked for a nicer November morning.

Last night's 24-hours-to-go photos from the SonyStyle store in midtown are now on This morning I made a downtown excursion, hitting up the Circuit City in Union Square and the Best Buy in NoHo (that's NOrth of HOuston Street for those of you who don't know) to see what was going on in some other lines. You'll get the pretty, polished-up story later on, but here are some highlights:

--the guy at Best Buy who was fed up with people asking "What's this for?" so he made a sign to explain the line's purpose (photo)

--Sergio, the first guy in line in Union Square, getting hounded by reporters

--the guys at the tail end of the line at Circuit City, who were 100 percent confident that despite being at the back of a queue that snaked around a whole city block, they'd still walk home with PS3s the next day. Now that's optimism.