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The price of a solid gold remote: $55,000

Don't worry, there's a bargain version for only $1,050.

Lantic Systems

Amid the endless supply of gold in the gadget world, we've often thought that the Midas-touched Thermasol remote was among the most decadent. That it was used to control the shower just added to its outrageous uselessness.

But for the more practical-minded gold fetishist (talk about an oxymoron), there's now a remote that can be used for everyday media appliances--and it's only $55,000. The "Gold RC1," made by Denmark-based Lantic Systems, not only controls entertainment devices but also "burglary alarm, lights, curtains, air-conditioning, and surveillance of navigation systems," according to BornRich. All in solid gold.

And for the thrifty among us, there's even a standard version for only $1,050. An ideal stocking stuffer.