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The Porsche of machine pistols

Whether you're posted to Detroit or Dafur, be sure to pack your MP5K.


Whether it's OG ornate or something more discreet, Heckler and Koch has an MP5K maschinenpistole for the dad or grad in your life. Legend has it that the K--which stands for kurz, or "short," in German--was conceived by an HK South American sales rep who saw a market for it as protection for businessmen on the hard streets of Rio.

Marketed as the ultimate close-quarters weapon at 4.4 pounds and less than 13 inches long, the MP5K is easily concealed and can be fitted with an optional folding Choate butt-stock or a sound suppressor.


It's manufactured in Baden-Württemberg, a German state famous for another high-end tool for the well-sorted man-about-town, the Porsche Carrera GT.

Like its famous forebear, the G3, the MP5K uses a delayed blowback-operated roller-locked bolt system. Firing from the closed-bolt position keeps the MP5 series extremely accurate and controllable, according to the company--but not when fired from a brief case, which, if done in full auto by a non-professional, could be a good way to ruin your Brunos. The guy in clip below demonstrates the proper technique.