The pointless USB paper clip dispenser

And it has a pen holder, adding to its uselessness.

Akihabara News

No sooner did we post an item about an ill-advised promotional tchotchke that another one has popped up on the radar. But unlike the previous gadget, this one isn't of dubious value because of anachronistic timing; rather, it would be questionable no matter when it came out.

The reason: It's a paper clip dispenser. Not that we have anything against paper clips, mind you, but we can't exactly see the point of a dispenser that's also a pen holder with USB ports.

Hong Kong-based Earth Trek is trying to cast this in the best possible light, referring to it as a "3-in-1 stationery item" available in five colors. But if they're going to take this tack, the least they can do is provide a place to keep one's beer.

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