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The 'Pleasure Seeker' watch: No

Don't even bother

It's rare that something so utilitarian as a wristwatch can leave Crave speechless. And we don't mean for reasons of beauty or engineering either.

There are so many bizarre aspects to the "Pleasure Seeker" timepiece that we don't know quite where to begin. The issues present themselves right at the outset, starting with the name of its manufacturer: "Pimp," as in the makers of the ever-popular "Pimpin Ain't Easy Gold." Don't ask.

Then there's the, er, concept. "Once the button is pressed, the watch will light up 3 times a minute for 12 minutes," reads the description on Tokyoflash. "We call it 'Pleasure Seeker' mode. This indicates that you are seeking pleasure." Thanks for the explanation.

Finally, there's the small problem of us not knowing how to tell the time on this so-called LED watch. But that, we say with wearied resignation, is something we've come to expect. Besides, we already know that: It's time for us to leave.