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The plant that twitters when it's thirsty

Thanks to some fine new green-fingered software, you can now be twittered by your plant whenever it is thirsty. This is surely the perfect way to avoid guilt.

People always used to laugh when Prince Charles talked to his plants. Now, thanks to Twitter and a software called Botanicalls, the plants can talk back.

The leading actor in the Botanicalls realm seems to be a plant called Pothos.

Please don't ask me what kind of plant Pothos is. I can barely tell an oak tree from a park bench. However, he (can a plant be a "he"?) has more than 2,600 followers and--suggesting Pothos might be a little on the self-centered side--Pothos is following no one.

I have reason to believe this may be the actual Mr. Ikea Plant. Please note that he seems to surf the Web while he drinks. CC DP Styles

Botanicalls' software is very simple. It hooks your plant to its own Twitter page and the plant feeds information straight to your cell phone. Most of the information, strangely, is about feeding.

Pothos has already offered 151 updates. Gems such as "Water me please." And "Thank you for watering me." Or even "You didn't water me enough."

This is not purely 140 characters (or less) of information. Pothos tweets his emotions too. For example: "URGENT! Water me!" a message he sent, rather unsocially, at 6:09 a.m. on March 6.

Botanicalls was created through a collaboration of four people--Rebecca Bray, Robert Faludi, Kate Hartman and Kati London--who have extremely large and sensitive brains. And who could not be moved by the company's stated aim of promoting "successful inter-species understanding"?

Because I am someone desperate to understand at least one species in the world, I am a little disappointed that Pothos reveals so little about himself on his Twitter page. He merely reveals that he is a Botanicalls plant.

Which is why I am grateful to CNET's Caroline McCarthy for pointing me in the direction of the Twitter page belonging to Mr. Ikea Plant.

Mr. Ikea Plant is really into successful inter-species understanding. He reveals that he is a plant that Dennis Crowley bought at IKEA for $7. And, at least sometimes, he seems to get even more attention than he deserves.

On the evening of December 10 he tweeted: "Ease off, buddy. You over-watered me."

However, I am concerned he may have a split personality, rather than a split leaf, that may need substantial treatment. Because shortly before his "ease up" request, he simply twittered: "Current moi."

How many of your plants are such divas that they twitter in French, huh?