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The Pink Panther does not strike

Pink Panther cartoon car for sale on eBay

"Does your dog bite?"

Just the thought of those four little words has sent me laughing ever since my mother introduced me to the genius of Peter Sellers.

If you know the rest of that routine from The Pink Panther Strikes Again, then you can imagine my delight at seeing the Coolest Gadgets write-up on a Pink Panther car.

Unfortunately, upon reading the seller's description on eBay, I found that the car is the MGM studio car from The Pink Panther Show, the cartoon series featuring a pink panther, available for about $146,000.

eBay seller 'therapytherapy'

It is not the pink Autobianchi Bianchina Cabriolet, the famously wicker-painted Mini, the 1960 Ferrari 250 GT Cabriolet Pininfarina Series II, or any other car from any of the Pink Panther movies featuring Inspector Clouseau.

Disappointing, I know.

If you are into famous cars driven by actual people, a replica of the KITT car from the Knight Rider television series is for sale.