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The perfect exercise machine for slave labor

The "GZ PC-Sport and Power Stepper" can be rigged so that the mouse or keyboard works only when it's in use.


Gamercize has been peddling and pedaling exercise machines for some time now, mostly making fitness gear designed to work with game consoles as well as the occasional digital cycle for kids. But this week it's releasing a product aimed squarely at the cubicle set.

The U.K. company has come up with a "GZ PC-Sport and Power Stepper" combination that can fit under the desk so worker bees can continue their duties uninterrupted while burning off calories without leaving their seats. And here's the kicker: It can be hooked up to the computer by USB so that the keyboard or mouse will work only when the Stepper is in use.

If all this sounds like the trappings of some futuristic labor camp, remember that it could be worse. Your boss could hook you up to a "Walkstation" treadmill instead and make you do 20 laps for each Excel spreadsheet. In fact, we hope ours isn't reading this now.