The Pedal Pub brings the bar home with you

The Pedal Pub is a mobile bar built upon a steel chassis. As the name suggests, bicycle pedals are what moves the party along.

Good luck not getting pulled over while driving the Pedal Pub.
Good luck not getting pulled over while driving the Pedal Pub. Hammacher Schlemmer

Bars can be crowded, noisy places that do little to release tension after a long work week. That's not to say these qualities are particularly undesirable; sometimes the frenetic, wild activity is exactly what is desired.

But not always. That's why we have beer fridges and kegorators for the home. In fact, the home bar has achieved such a level that we have motorized cocktail shakers and mixed drink makers that require no more than a spin of a dial.

However, as well stocked and outfitted as a home bar may be, there is one thing it most definitely does not usually come with: a steering wheel.

The Pedal Pub takes home bars in an entirely new direction -- any direction. Available for $40,000 from Hammacher Schlemmer, the mobile beer bar accommodates up to 17 people (only 10 of which need be willing to pedal).

A wooden bar and serving deck is built upon a steel chassis, which is ringed by five pedal seats per side and a bench in the back. The center is the serving area and a tap connects to a keg holder in the shape of a wine barrel at the front of the vehicle. One lucky soul gets to sit at the front and steer the crazy bike contraption, presumably getting to decide where the party goes next -- assuming, of course, that he or she can persuade those sitting in the pedal seats.

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