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The oven that hides

The Fulgor Milano Lift Hidden Oven installs in customized cabinetry. Cooking racks are lifted directly out of the cooking chamber.

Hiding in plain sight.
Hiding in plain sight. Fulgor Milano

Kitchens are a place of surprises. It is not uncommon to uncover an unfamiliar appliance or gadget and wonder exactly what it may be used for. Sometimes, however, it is even the familiar ones that leave us asking questions.

There is usually very little mystery surrounding the utility of the oven; even at its most basic level the concept is easy to grasp: turn it on, put food in, and take out cooked food. While how to cook food is a question worthy of asking, everyday equipment like an oven usually doesn't require much consideration. Assuming one can find it.

Hiding in the recess of customized cabinetry, the Fulgor Milano Lift Hidden Oven features a unique design that may or may not have its advantages. Instead of a familiar hinged door to provide access to the interior, the racks are lifted up and out of the cooking chamber at a press of a button. Food to be cooked is placed on the racks, and the whole contraption is lowered in order for the appliance to get the job done.

To be sure it is a neat idea that certainly has some appeal. For example, the flat surface it creates when closed can be used in a pinch as additional counterspace. However, that benefit is nullified whenever one would need to get into the oven. And of course, oven window-watchers will be out of luck. With the need to raise and lower such a bulky contrivance to check on cooking ultimately leaves more questions than answers. But hey, at least you'll know where it is.

Via Appliancist