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The OSI gets new leaders

The OSI just expanded its board with two new members.

The Open Source Initiative just announced the results of its 2008 board elections. The good news? I'm out. (I wasn't able to give the amount of time needed by the OSI--the OSI is a lot of work.)

The better news? Some fantastic new faces are in, namely Martin Michlmayr (Linux International, Debian, HP) and Harshad Gune (GNUify Conference, Symbiosis Institute of Computer Studies and Research in Pune, India).

I'm really happy to welcome Martin and Harshad to the OSI board, and to see the others remain (Danese, Michael, Russ, Ken, Alolita, Nnenna, Rishab, and Bruno). It's an excellent group of people, one well qualified to uphold the ideals of open source.