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The 'original' online alarm clock

Turn your PC into an alarm clock yet again with what claims to be one of the earliest Web-based alarm clocks.

We got a ping earlier today from Tom Churm, the creator of Germany-based Online Alarm Clock, who wanted to let us know about his Web based alarm clock that's quietly been humming along since early 2006. The service's claim to fame is its two-click alarm selector, which lets anyone set a wake-up call or alert without too much complication (note: while Churm says it's two, you still have to select each hour and minute you want with a second button press, so it's actually four clicks). Users have to trudge to their machine to turn off the very annoying chirping sound, which won't cease without user interaction.

The service is scant on much else, leaving YouTube and integration to the competitors (see below). There are however some nice settings to change the coloration and size of the display, toggle between 12- and 24-hour clocks, and an optional stopwatch you can use if you feel like timing something. The service draws in about 6,000 users a day.

Like we've said before, if you're mysteriously without an alarm clock or any other sort of alarm device but have your laptop on hand, this can be a handy tool; otherwise you'd be doing the environment a favor by leaving your machine off.

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Turn your PC into an alarm clock. Yet again. CNET Networks