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The Oregon Trail is back, but this time it's a card game

A Target exclusive, the card game should bring back a wagon load of nostalgia.

The Oregon Trail was first released in 1971, but the most well-known version of the classic computer game came out in 1985 for the Apple II.

Now, for 2016, there is a new version. But it's not a computer game, it's a card game.

The Oregon Trail card game is being made by Pressman Toys and is coming to Target on August 1. The company on Thursday released an instructional video (see above) on how to play the game.

The game will cost $15 and should bring back a wagon load of nostalgia. It features 58 trail cards, 32 calamity cards and 26 supply cards. A "wagon party roster", erasable marker and a die are also included.

The game grabbed some early attention on Monday when Reddit user dwboso posted about discovering the card game ahead of its official launch next week at his local Target store.