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The open-source world goes skiing

Here is a video compilation of the best of the 2010 edition of the annual Open Source Goat Rodeo.

The name is a fortunate accident, but the fun of skiing with a group of open-source business executives is no accident at all.

The Open Source Goat Rodeo 2010 took place in Utah, February 4 through 6, and included great skiing, wonderful food, and exceptional people--including the first ever appearance by former MySQL CEO Marten Mickos.

As I do every year, I've created a video to highlight the activities and give a taste for the event. It's not a closed event: I hope you'll join us in 2011.

I probably should identify everyone by the color of their jackets,'ll figure them out. 2010 participants included (in reverse alphabetical order, by first name):

Zack Urlocker, (ex-)MySQL; Tom Erickson, Acquia; Sean Doherty, EnterpriseDB; Sam Ramji, Sonoa Systems; Matt Asay, Canonical; Marten Mickos, Benchmark/Index Ventures (ex-MySQL); Luke Kanies, Reductive Labs; Lonn Johnston, Page One PR; Lars Nordwall, Pentaho; Larry Augustin, SugarCRM; Jose Morales, JasperSoft; John Robb, Zimbra/VMware; Jeff Borek, IBM; Javier Soltero, VMware (SpringSource); Fabrizio Capobianco, Funambol; Dave Rosenberg, CNET/Hardy; Bill Mason, Canonical; Aaron Fulkerson, MindTouch.