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The Open Road - Disclosure

The Open Road - Disclosure

Matt Asay is an employee of Alfresco, an open-source software vendor. He is the founder of the Open Source Business Conference and continues to serve as its program chair. He serves on the advisory boards of the following open-source companies: MuleSource, Kaltura, SugarCRM, JasperSoft, Loopfuse, Openbravo, Volantis, rSmart, MindTouch, Intoto, and Radview. He has an equity interest in these companies. He is an adviser to Sage Leadership with no financial or equity interest in the organization.

He formally served on the board of the Open Source Initiative. He was also an employee of Novell and before that Lineo and Mitsui. He left each company on good terms, and holds no financial interest in any of these.

He's a Mac fanatic and hates Windows. Matt also admits to a bias against 20th-century proprietary-software models. Sorry.