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The on-car TV antenna slims down

The on-car TV antenna slims down

You can get satellite TV in your car today, but it requires a huge, ugly antenna on the roof. However, this week at the SEMA show in Las Vegas antenna maker KVH unveiled a low-profile on-car DBS (Dish Network) antenna that hides under a fairly sleek fairing, seen in the center of this picture. Unlike the current antenna partially seen in the foreground, this new low-profile unit would be offered as a factory option by carmakers. None have announced they will integrate it just yet. And look for yet another generation of such antennas next year that should be entirely invisible, wedged between the headliner and the car's roof. Both KVH and competitor RaySat are making thinly veiled references to such products arriving in 2006. That's when carmakers will finally get interested.