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David Brent of 'The Office' is headed to Netflix

A Ricky Gervais mockumentary about the beloved fictional buffoon is headed to the streaming-video service this February.

He's a friend first, boss second. Entertainer third, probably. And now he's getting a chance to chase that third calling right to your TV set.

David Brent is back, and headed to Netflix.

LOTR Films

He's David Brent, the main character from the original, UK version of "The Office" -- the most successful BBC comedy of all time. After being brought to life by Ricky Gervais several years ago for two seasons and a Christmas special, the character made a triumphant return this summer with a mockumentary called "David Brent: Life on the Road," which enjoyed a theatrical run in the UK. Starting this February, you'll be able to watch it on Netflix.

The film catches up with Brent, now a traveling salesman, as he cashes in his pension and puts a band together to take a shot at stardom. Gervais performs original songs in the film, which co-stars British rapper and comedian Ben Bailey Smith, also known as Doc Brown. It'll begin streaming more or less worldwide next year on February 10. It won't be available in the UK, Ireland, Australia or New Zealand, where Netflix tells us it doesn't have streaming rights to the character.