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The Oculus Rift's 2016 launch might be a problem (Tomorrow Daily 174)

On today's show, Ashley and Khail debate whether or not Oculus can convince you to wait for the Rift's Q1 2016 release window, NASA launches a small model plane-helicopter hybrid and researchers 3D print aerogels made of graphene.

We're surprised Facebook is willing to wait through multiple VR and AR headsets before launching the Oculus Rift, but here we are, and Oculus has a Q1 2016 release date. We're not sure if that's going to be soon enough for early adopters (like you guys and girls), who are eager to get their hands on a fully functional commercial VR headset.

We're also discussing NASA's nifty little model plane. It takes off vertically, and can switch into airplane mode and fly like a standard aircraft, making it an interesting UAV with the potential for easy payload deliveries in places where runways aren't available. Oh, and before we forget, we're 3D printing aerogels made from graphene now.

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174: The Oculus Rift's 2016 launch might be a problem

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