The Ocean Cleanup Installs Interceptor 007 in Los Angeles County

The Dutch nonprofit offers an impressive livestream of its Interceptor code-named 007 being towed from Long Beach, California, to its forever home in LA County.

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Stephen Beacham

Hooray for Hollywood! The Ocean Cleanup is installing a James Bond-themed Interceptor code-named 007 in Los Angeles. 

The Ocean Cleanup

After years of planning, the Dutch nonprofit, famous for cleaning up the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and for stopping plastic pollution from flowing down rivers and into the ocean, has struck a deal with Los Angeles County to install Interceptor 007 in Ballona Creek. 

The Ocean Cleanup

On Oct. 6, the Ocean Cleanup produced a livestream showing the latest generation Interceptor being towed from a Navy base in Long Beach, California, to its permanent home protecting some of California's most iconic beaches. The 5-hour-plus livestream featured updates from founder and CEO Boyan Slat as well as a peek into future ocean-cleaning technology and logistical plans for continuing efforts to tidy up the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. 

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