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The nomad and the iPod: Together as one

News about the project, in which a black 60GB iPod sails across the globe, is gaining some mileage.

The iPod, itself, however, is just starting its journey.

The venture, dubbed a "modern message in a bottle," involves a traveling iPod, which will collect content such as photos, videos and music, as it is handed off from person to person, country to country.

The enterprising scheme, conceptualized by 23-year-old Mirko Kraemer, of Germany, is ready for an official launch June 9.

Aside from getting media attention, the experiment will serve as an investigation into the human side of the tech world as Kraemer acknowledges he has no way to ensure the nomadic iPod's return, but instead mentions a "test of trust" as being a key part of the mission.

If things go according to plan, a full iPod will be returned to Kraemer, who will then embark on his own worldwide journey. He'll share the contents of the iPod, which he hopes will eventually end up in a place of posterity like the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

Meanwhile, those who never see the black iPod can help fill a white 60GB iPod via the Web site.

Kraemer also asks for donations and mentions that he hopes to parlay this venture into an entrepreneurial career for himself and eventually open a small business.

After getting wind of the story from The Unofficial Apple Weblog and iLounge, we posed some questions to Kraemer via e-mail such as how long the venture should take and how it's being tracked.

We haven't heard back yet, but are ready with our favorite songs if we chance upon the iPod ourselves.