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The next threat to start-ups

The rope-twirling humorist Will Rogers summed up the political thoughts of many of his fellow Americans with a memorable quote: "This country has come to feel the same when Congress is in session as it does when a baby gets hold of a hammer."

In response to the September 10, 2003 Perspectives column by William Blundon, "The next threat to start-ups":

William Blundon tries to make a point that if the government puts in place a Do Not E-mail list, it may make things more expensive for small businesses. I realize that everyone has their own way of thinking, but how difficult is it to understand that if 30 million people sign on in the first few weeks for the Do Not Call list, people do not want to be bothered by the junk that marketing companies think we need.

They should know how many sales they actually make through their marketing efforts. These marketing companies cannot find more creative ways to for customer relationship so they resort to nagging and annoying people. When the government finally does something for the people because so many of them are annoyed to death, they complain that they won't make any money.

I would really be curious to know how many start-ups they have helped through their marketing programs. I would think the number is zero if they use spam and telemarketing as part of their strategy.

I enjoy reading articles on CNET, but every once in a while you put up articles by these idiots that don't make any kind of sense whatsoever. Just though I would let you know what I like to read and what I find annoying.

Dhaval Patel
Warren, N.J.